What EVERY Man Should Know About Brothels in Bangkok!

Bangkok brothels are considered by many to be tourist traps, and with good reason. First of all, the scene has gone downhill in recent years. The herds have trampled much of the landscape when it comes to working girls, at least along the well-trodden tourist path in Bangkok.

The three most well-known Bangkok brothel districts include Patpong, Nana Plaza, and the infamous Soi Cowboy. These three red light districts continue to thrive, giving Bangkok a constant influx of tourists on the hunt for pleasure. Backed by decades of reputation as Asia’s playground, Bangkok still draws more mongerers than any other capital city in the world. In fact, it is estimated that on any given night there are 20,000-40,000 men on the prowl in Thailand’s capital city alone. That’s a lot of horny punters! 🙂

Bangkok Brothels Exposed!

Bangkok's Dollhouse Brothel

Recent reports show troubling trends for Dollhouse gogo.

Danger seeks out the uninformed in Bangkok. A common technique is for a gogo bar to offer cheap or even free entrance, a pretty working girl approaches and a round of drinks quickly follows. The next thing you know, you’re staring awkwardly at a $2000 drink bill and 3-4 brutal thugs. Anything of value is quickly stripped from you, and if it’s enough to satisfy them they’ll typically let you go. Your best bet in this scenario is always to cooperate, but even better advice is to avoid these places altogether!

FACT: Lesser known clubs that pleasure seekers “in the know” visit offer a much higher level of quality than tourist brothels. The contrast between newcomers stumbling naively through Soi Cowboy and seasoned veterans enjoying the fruits of fantasy is huge. While a tourist might pay $100 for the services of a decent 30 year old Malaysian girl in the touristy Bangkok brothels, the savvy red light veteran goes straight to the discrete paradise-level cat houses, some of which employ stunning girls who provide full services at great discount. Imagine now having this power and enjoying those delights for yourself in Bangkok.

7 Bangkok GoGo Bar Myths!

Knowing how to avoid danger and find the hidden treasures of beautiful working girls presents a difficult challenge in Bangkok. While millionaire VIP’s hire private tour guides for local mongering, it’s a solution that simply doesn’t make financial sense for many of us. At rates equivalent to 300-500 usd a night, local pleasure hounds like Terrence Johnson and Dalton Spector cater to the elite, but I’m sure they’re worth every penny of their fees based on reputation. Plenty of stag group hosts are around too, typically providing a pub crawl and festive tours of Bangkok’s touristy brothels and gogo bars.

Thai Guru Reveals Insider Secrets

In order to get the most out of your time in Bangkok, it’s important to know the options available. For stag or party groups, plenty of tour agencies exist in Bangkok that include pub crawls, gogo bars, and even female party guides. If your funds and time is unlimited, consider hiring Spector or Johnson for a top-level professional tour of Bangkok’s ultimate funhouses. However, if your time or funds are limited, and are anxious to get into the scene on your own and are up for creating your own adventures, consider Johnson’s Bangkok Red Light Guide to be your best option. It goes easy onto your smartphone, so you’re ready in seconds to do Bangkok the right way – not the touristy way! Either way you decide, have fun in Bangkok and keep your safety first at all times.

Roger Bagwell is an independent travel writer.