ATTENTION: Men in Bangkok!

Is it true that Patpong is now just one big tourist trap?

What do you recommend to avoid on Sukhumvit Road?

Have you heard of the Big Dogs bar drink scam?

bangkok girls

Speakeasy Bangkok brothel offering soapy massage delights.

If the topic of Bangkok red light districts creates more questions than answers, you’re not the only one. I get it. My name is Terrence Johnson and believe me I understand all the confusion. Between the ladyboys and ping pong shows, even going from venue to venue can almost make you crazy. And it’s not all fun & games, either – there are plenty of dangers lurking behind those smiles, as you probably already know.

Experts Reveal Bangkok Secrets!

After my first few times out in Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy, I had the feeling there was more to Bangkok than newcomers know about. Don’t get me wrong, I found the working girls to be decent value in Asia and there were plenty of them around. Yet the tales I had overheard from seasoned travelers hinted at something better than the mass-market ladies I was being pushed towards. I became aware of a “secret”, much higher level of Bangkok, only through trial & error, and by picking the brains of several local insiders.

bangkok women

Newcomers can live out their fantasies within minutes of arriving in Bangkok.

If you’re anything like me, the thought of plunging into some 5-men-a-night working girl leaves you unsatisfied. And you’ve also noticed that everyone in Bangkok is selling someone or something, there’s always an angle and they do their best to keep you in the same current as all the other newcomers wandering around. And if what you crave is a private and discrete red light experience, my Bangkok Red Light Guide is now ready for instant download. I’ll be honest & admit it’s not for everyone, but it’s a “quick-start” approach that gets you enjoying Bangkok to the fullest instantly, while staying safe by putting the my knowledge and that of other local experts behind you. Inside the explosive tell-all, you will also quickly discover:

bangkok girls

Independent working girls are a treat for Bangkok insiders.

  • Sniff out the hot young Bangkok girls of your fantasies

  • Discover the “other” Bangkok gogo’s & finally ride like an insider

  • Skip the ripoff meatmarkets – leave those for tourists!

  • Drift easy into discrete Thai fantasy fulfillment

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In a few seconds, you will transform from “another naive tourist” to a VIP insider in Bangkok. By avoiding the crappy ripoff joints, and delighting in only the top shelf delights now hidden from you, you’ll not only save time and money, you’ll be able to create your own adventures in Bangkok fast & easy, anytime you want it. To kickstart your Bangkok adventure into high gear and say goodbye to tourist treatment, click below now.

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Updated August 2018!

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